Hot Mix FM disrupts the technology our competitors are using today by eliminating the supported devices that came about to mitigate their flawed architecture. We captured many of the features that our targeted segment was familiar with and saw as separate devices and merged them into a single device. Hot Mix FM uses paradigm-shifting technology that allows better connectivity over a wider range of wireless-enabled devices

Our new streamer, the Hot Mix FM, offers the solution transmitter, a receiver, an amplifier, DAC and a signal booster from a single device, saving our consumers a prodigious amount of time, money and energy. Hot Mix FM solves streaming problems with a single device that's simple, using voice command artificial intelligence, Mesh networking and Bluetooth 5 technology. Bluetooth and the extended range will deliver reliable Mesh connections that make full-home, building, and outdoor mesh audio a reality. The solutions and possibilities that a Mesh network brings to wireless audio are endless Hot Mix FM offers the answer to combining an amplifier with Bluetooth receiver and speakers.  The multi-purpose Hot Mix FM streamer is the only device needed. Portable, compact, powerful, with longer playtime.

Internet of things connectivity.

  • Voice commands

  • Open Air commands

  • NLP - Ability to give cool commands

  • Motion sensor activated intelligence

  • Lights

  • Music playing

  • Video or CCTV cameras

  • Light, Humidity, Geyser, control

  • Automatic ordering for some services like water, groceries, etc.

  • Weblogging and giving recommendations for lifestyle

  • All machine learning and NLP.

one-to-many connections to wireless-enabled devices.

Bluetooth speaker connection. Passive stereo speaker connection.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use. Waterproof and shockproof.

Hi-Fidelity volume to hold a crowd. Bass, you can feel.

    Connect additional Hot Mix FM streamers to expand the mesh network, the possibilities grow larger and limitations dwindle. No Infrastructure problems. With the mesh, every node connected to each other and everything distributed across the network with no central entity. A mesh network allows devices to connect to each other.

Mesh features:

  • Self-healing: Replaces paths when a link crashes, so you never miss a beat.

  • Self-forming: an Automatic connection between all configured nodes.

  • Path selection algorithm: The network chooses the best path for packets for extra speed and shorter latency.

  • Range extension: Extend the coverage of Wi-Fi using mesh nodes.

  • Network offload: Mesh links are direct, and traffic does not always have to flow through the home AP.

  • Improved network capacity: Sometimes, an improvement in network capacity achieved due to the distributed nature of a mesh system.

  • Time synchronization: Enables incredible audio synchronization between all speakers in a zone.

  • Enhanced path selection algorithm: Wi-Fi mesh brings path selection to the product level, improving throughput, latency and decision making for systems

  • You go to the beach with your friends and each person brings their own wireless speaker. They all connect, sync and play your music—together.

  • Use the Mesh to extend your network’s range to turn your basement into a dance hall.